Monday, August 13, 2007

8 Random things tag

So Martha tagged me to write 8 random things, well not really, she just vaguely said she tags us all. And seeing as Martha is the only person who reads my blog i feel I should indulge:

1: I was a vege-quarian for 8 years, now I am a fussy-tarian who just eats the meaty bits I feel like - which is mostly chicken pies, yum.

2: I know small amounts of spanish and french, SMALL amounts

3: I used to be in the school choir, and even did choir after I finished school - nerd!

4: I was one of the 3% of choir girls who wasn't christian. Still aint either.

5: I like bad music, like really bad music.

6: I also like really really good music.

7: I cry in movies a lot, especially when animals die or old men fall over.

8: I have eaten two bowls of cocoa pops today but i usually eat wheat free muesli.

now I tag Kerry and Jen because they don't do nothing anymore!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fare yee well Barney good dog

ok three posts in three hours is excessive I know, but I was just scrolling through my last posts (8 months ago) and re-read the one from when I got back from NZ. In it I talked of spending lots of lovely quality time with my old dog Barney who was very old indeed.

I just wanted to let the readers know that dear old Barney died recently just from being a very old dog. He was really a wonderfully charismatic pooch. Not always well behaved but always entertaining and loving.

The first day we got Barney home he took everything from the pantry (flour, cat biscuits, cocoa, baking power, spagetti and so on and so on) and laid it out in the hallway. Then he ate it all and then threw it up again in a big floury pancake mix like mess. He had abandonment issues did Barney. We will all miss him very much xx

Time wasting: Success!

Well since I decided to post that last one I have managed to waste an hour making all the font different shades of purple, why? I don't know why, I don't even like purple.

So to let you in on what I am avoiding I am currently trying to construct my thesis book. This is a graphical document showing the work I have done thus far for my thesis or final project. It has to be all pretty and bound etc and also must make sense which I must admit seems to be the most difficult element at the moment. Why did I chose such a strange and confusing topic? why why why?

One day soon I will tell you all what it is....

testing, testin, one two

hmm I wonder if anyone would notice if I started blogging again..?

It seems unfair that I get the enjoyment of reading Martha's blog everyday when I don't give anything back to the bloggin community myself.

We'll see how this goes, I do have a lot of things I should be doing so blogging may be sucessful this time around.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ned Of The Rings

My brother Ned was an extra on Lord of the Rings and he was sad at his short on screen appearance so he re-edited the film, best ever

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back in the ussr ... i mean melbourne I always get them confused

just back today from nearly a month of blissfull nothingness in New Zealand. I had a wonderfull holiday sharing my time between my dad and step mum in wellington and my mum in greytown. What did you do on this holiday you ask? Mostly watched the living and food channel, ahh, and occasional bursts of gardening and a serious amount of grazing like a large land mamal (more than a humourous simile believe me).

I had a sojourn to the hawkes bay with me dad to visit cousins that did not even know i existed 'rosie? I don't have a cousin called rosie" but now they know ah hahah ha! And saw my nany which was nice.

Also spent some quality time with my old dog barney, he is the snore of king kong in the peter jackson motion picture. He is a cool old dog, very old now.

And of course all my wonderful siblings were around for festivus minus shaun and will in london (that is not really all is it? most anyway)

Now I am back and warm and happy and I am going to go for a swim without fear of hypothermia which is always reassuring.